Chuy from ‘Chelsea Lately’ out of the ABC diving show ‘Splash.’

Chuy from “Chelsea Lately” is forced to drop out of the ABC diving show, “Splash.”

Much has been reported the ‘Chelsea Lately’ sidekick did not know how to dive or swim when he signed on. Greg Louganis — a celebrity diving coach on the show taught him and was actually good enough to compete.

On Monday, during the very first taping, Chuy jumped up on a table in the lounge area near the pool and the table broke. Chuy fell through the table to the ground and fractured his heel bone.

It is reported Chuy’s replacement is soccer star Brandi Chastain a soccer player from the U.S. Team that won the 1999 World Cup. She ripped off her shirt and sported her bra as a celebration. We love the new addition 🙂

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